After reading to our children every night for the last 4 years, we’ve read a huge number of books to them. Some are much better than others but each has provided them with an opportunity to share a moment of escapism.

Reading to our kids every night prompted us to form Bash Bash Books. We want to give children books that will make them smile, keep them enthralled and let them learn.

So after the last four years, what are our boy’s favorite books?

At number 5: Curious George by Margaret and H. A. Rey. The boys just love that troublesome monkey. And we’re sure at times, they model themselves after the crazy antics of George.

At number 4: Neandersmall by Sam Walshaw. This is a new e-book from Rockpool Childrens Press that charts the adventures of a strong willed pre-historic boy.Wheeeeeeeeeeee! That was fun.

At number 3: Harry and the Lady Next Door by Gene Zion. Our youngest son has read this book so many times he has memorized all 60 plus pages!

At number 2: Click Clack Moo by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin. This is a great book for children. Funny, charming, and engaging. It’s the story of cows that go on strike. The first time I read it to the boys, it made me laugh out loud.

At number 1: The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsberg. This is undoubtedly the favorite book of our two boys. They love it so much; we are reading it to them in June which means we’ve started the holiday season quite early!

Do you think you have the next top 5 book waiting to be published. If so, become a Bish Bash contributor.

Or drop us a line and tell us about your favorite books at

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