"Going Potty"

You know that your perception of the world has changed forever when as a parent you can get so excited about your child going to the potty for the first time.
About 10 days ago, we blogged about how we started to potty train our youngest son Christian. To say it has been a challenge for all involved would be an understatement.

To be fair to Christian, it really isn’t his fault. He doesn’t know any better and this has been as traumatic for him as it has been for us. Everything he has known about going potty has now been turned on its head and we should be more patient with him.

However, there have been times when we haven’t been as patient with him as we should have been. In fact, after going potty in his underwear for the last 10 days, multiple times a day, in every location possible, it has been difficult not to lose our cool. But we have tried our best not to get angry or show too much frustration. The last thing you want to do to a 3 year old is get them all worked up. No one wants their child to be in psychotherapy when they are in their thirties because they were traumatized by going potty.

But tonight, after a torrid 10 days, we had success! Just after dinner, as Christian was washing his hands, we noticed he was doing a slight squat. A quick “do you want to go potty?” was answered with an even quicker “yes”. Lifted in the air, he was rushed to the bathroom, disrobed and sat on the toilet in one very swift movement. A couple of seconds later, the tinkling sound we had longed for was audible for all to hear!

There are lots of tips out there to train children to go potty and I’m pretty sure it’s all good stuff. But the biggest tip of all we can give is to be patient. Young children just don’t get it and it takes a long time for them to understand what they have to do. You can’t expect a small child to become toilet savvy overnight. Even now, our oldest boy Andrew, who has been going to the bathroom for the last year more or less, has the occasional accident. As a parent, trying not to expect too much, too soon of your child ultimately helps everyone keep sane.

We’re both hoping that today’s cause for celebration isn’t a flash in the pan (no pun intended) and that Christian will begin to understand how to go potty long term. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and keep you informed of how things turn out but we very much hope a major milestone has now been reached.

Let us know how you celebrated your potty success!

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One Response to “Tinkle, Tinkle, Our Little Potty Rock Star!”

  1. That’s so endearing!! And it remember it like it was yesterday with my little guys. It’s funny, someone wrote on a survey that’s my desk right now – “I don’t know what I don’t know…” sounds so familiar, doesn’t it? Hooray for Christian, though – he’s on his way to knowing what he didn’t know.


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