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When I was a child growing up we didn’t have iPads, cell phones, or the internet. VCRs were still a thing of the future and computers were the size of a large dog house.

We all know things have changed and we are thankful for new technology in so many ways.

I am especially thankful because technology allows our dispersed family to stay connected.

I come from an Italian-American family and I was lucky enough to see my immediate and extended family each week. I can remember vividly my Dad’s parents coming over on Wednesdays and my mom’s parents coming over on Fridays. Sundays were family days. Pasta and gravy were as definite as my grandparents turning up. More often than not, aunts, uncles and cousins came over too. It got really crowded, loud and crazy but it was fun and I remember those days fondly. When envisioning what it might be like to be a parent, of course I imagined similar traditions for my own family.

I have now just turned 40 and have two boys aged 3 and 4. Unfortunately, our family doesn’t live down the block or in the next town. My brothers each live in Florida and Maryland and my mother is a “snowbird”. As you can imagine this can make things a bit complicated however it gets even more difficult! My husband is English and his family lives in England and Ireland.

I must admit I was a bit concerned about how the boys would get to know their family being as we are so widespread. But we have used various types of technology to help establish and nourish our family relationships.

We may not have chance to eat pasta together each Sunday, but we have regular Sunday Skype chats with the family in England, Maryland and Florida. Thanks to video conferencing I was able to see my sister in law go through her pregnancy and see my beautiful niece just days after she was born. I have also been able to watch my brother’s twins, over the last 18 months, grow into the most adorable toddlers. Now with Face Time we can connect with our family at a moment’s notice. It’s quite amazing considering as I didn’t have a cell phone until I was 26!

Because of technology, I’m glad to say that my boys know their family members better than we could have hoped. To say that technology has helped our situation is an understatement. I am certain there are many families out there that are in the same predicament. And I’m sure they are as grateful to have these technology options as we are. Of course nothing can really substitute for the real thing and trips are made across the pond or to the Sunshine State. We wish we could spend more real times together but we’re thankful we can stay easily connected with our families.

Now if only technology could help me cook gravy the way my dad used to . . .

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