It has been a busy nine months for Bish Bash Books! So we thought we take a quick five minutes to give you an update on where we are so far.

When we thought up the idea for starting Bish Bash Books back in February of 2012, we weren’t entirely sure where the road would take us. We had a great idea that we wanted to publish children’s eBooks but, as with all small businesses, how do you make the great idea a reality?

There are a number of obstacles that you have to overcome. How do you set up the company? How do you get the right type of website and web presence? How do you get the right type of children’s eBooks to sell? Do you have enough funding? How do we get our children’s eBooks into the market?

The last nine months have certainly provided a steep learning curve. While we both have business experience, actually setting up our own business has been quite a challenge. We have certainly learnt that there are plenty of banana skins out there that will slip you up if given a chance. You can get easily distracted with running a business if you don’t stick to the business plan.

To our advantage, we have worked with some great people over the last nine months and we have been thoroughly supported by our family and friends. Our website was built by Charlene Nolasco from and Charlene also developed the Bish Bash Books logo. Our stunning website imagery was created by Ryan Fitzpatrick from As we saw our website slowly come together, our excitement knew no bounds but we fully realized that getting a strong range of quality children’s eBooks to sell was critical to our success.

And then, as if by magic, the right contact was given to us by Grandma Bernie which resulted in us meeting the talented individuals at Inkebooks and Rockpool Children’s Books. We started a strategic alliance that has resulted in our first range of six early reader children’s eBooks – Working with Paul, Stuart, Tim, Sam, and Kathy has been a pleasure and we are already planning more new and original quality eBooks for 2013. We are also thinking of bringing paper copies of our books to market early next year.

As a company, the goals of Bish Bash Books are simple. We believe every child should have the opportunity to read and to enjoy the pleasure of reading. We understand that reading is a crucial life skill and literacy is one of those necessary requirements to improve a child’s chance in life. Reading is fun. Reading is exciting. Reading is something that can be shared by children and parents to create lifelong memories. We saw the smiles that reading a good book put on the faces of our two beautiful boys and we wanted to share that joy wherever and however we could.

And while we strive to set up a successful business, we also want to do what we can to give back and ensure we do our part to support childhood literacy. Over the next few months, we hope to fulfill our commitment to donate a class set of iPads to a worthy school so that those kids get the chance to enjoy the reading experience. For more information about our give back program please visit In the meantime, we are a proud sponsor of an iPad Mini giveaway competition that has been organized by our good friend Melissa Northway. To find out more, and to enter, please see iPad Mini Giveaway.

We are making progress. Slowly but surely we have moved from a few ideas written down on the back of a napkin to now publishing 6 read aloud children’s eBooks through Apple’s iBookstore. Kindle, Nexus and Nook versions are on the way! Neandersmall and Scaredy Cat were recently favorably reviewed and we have been picked up by a few local news agencies that are interested in our business.

Finally, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who is supporting Bish Bash Books (you know who you are!). People are genuinely interested in what we are doing and we have been encouraged and motivated by their reactions. We’ll continue to work hard and hope our children’s eBooks continue to flourish and grow.

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Many thanks,

The Bish Bash Team

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