In September, 2012, Bish Bash Books will publish its first children’s eBook Neandersmall and the Egg. This is a very exciting time for us at Bish Bash Books and we have been working very hard to ensure we have the best children’s eBooks available. Neandersmall and the Egg represent the first in a range of titles that Bish Bash Books will release during the fall of 2012.

Our new interactive eBook follows the adventures of a small prehistoric boy, Neandersmall, as he searches to find dinner for his mommy and daddy Neandertall. And in his epic quest, instead of finding dinner, he finds a new friend. The eBook is aimed at children from 2 years onwards and combines a page turning story, bold colorful graphics and catchy music.

Neandersmall and the Egg was written and illustrated by Sam Walshaw. Ms. Walshaw has written a number of children’s books including Maisey and the Pirates and the Little Fairies series. Neandersmall and the Egg will be the first in a series to feature the charming Neandersmall character and his friends that will be released early 2013.

Neandersmall and the Egg is narrated by Matt Marshak who has also composed the Neandersmall theme song! Matt is an accomplished musician who has toured the US. He is also an author and is currently working on a number of titles to be published by Bish Bash Books.

We have been reading Neandersmall and the Egg to our two boys, Andrew and Christian, for the last two months. It was an instant children’s eBook hit and they have taken very quickly to turning the onscreen pages, picking out and repeating words that are highlighted as the story is narrated, and singing along with the Neandersmall song.

At Bish Bash Books, we are very proud of our first new title as we feel it meets our ambition to provide innovative new stories for children that will engage, educate and entertain.

Further titles will be released during the fall of 2012. For more information, please see our new children’s eBooks page.

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