Bish Bash Books is proud to announce the launch of its newest eBook My Special Family to coincide with National Autism Awareness Month.

My Special Family was written and illustrated by ten year old Paige Snider and explores what it is like to live with two brothers who have autism. Written as a school project nearly ten years ago, the book highlights through the eyes of a child how living with autism is different, but in many ways, not that much different to the lives of many families.

Ten years later, the book includes a new afterword that explains how life has changed now that Paige is attending college in Virginia.

National Autism Awareness Month (April) was inspired to help people gain a better understanding of autism and how it affects individuals, families and the community. According to the CDC, autism spectrum disorder now affects approximately 1 in 88 American children. One in every 54 boys and 1 in every 252 girls are diagnosed with autism, a statistic which is now on the rise due to a better understanding of the syndrome by both the medical profession and parents.

“I’m so excited to see My Special Family published by Bish Bash Books” said Paige Snider. “Autism affects many families. Both my brothers have autism and I wanted to show our life as a family that is not that dissimilar to yours.”

Ms. Snider has worked hard to raise awareness of autism and has made a number of documentary films about her brothers and her family life. “Autism is an important subject that we have to continuously talk about in order to ensure better understanding and acceptance”

To learn more about My Special Family click here

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