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There are times when the boys drive us crazy. Maybe they are bored and keep asking us “what are we doing now?” when we’re trying to get the housework done. Or they have just rubbed their dirty hands up and down a newly painted wall. Or it takes us half an hour to get their shoes on only for them to take them off again as we try to get into the car. There are so many times when a 3 and 4 year old can get you to the brink of frustration and we recognize sometime just how difficult it can be to keep it all together!

However, six weeks after Sandy Hook, we also know there are the parents of 20 children in Connecticut that would love to have their beloved children back in whatever way possible. We simply can’t understand the grief and pain they must be feeling right now. And every time Andrew and Christian drive us to the edge, we quickly remind ourselves of Sandy Hook and give thanks that we have two wonderful boys still to love.

Still now, we simply can’t comprehend the senseless act of Sandy Hook. No one will be able to understand fully why it happened. The problem with pure evil is that it knows no reason and doesn’t care about the consequences of its actions.

But we can’t help but feel that the Sandy Hook tragedy could have been reduced or even averted if the evil man had been denied access to an arsenal of guns and endless ammunition.

We understand the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. And this was a right that made perfect sense in the 18th century when America was an infant country in a state of revolutionary war. But 200 years have passed since then. America is a sophisticated country that leads the world in so many ways. So isn’t it about time for a change around gun control? Where is the war or the circumstances that drive individuals to buy assault rifles or multiple bullet clips for pistols?
The US has the largest number of gun related homicides. In the UK, approximately 35 people were killed with a handgun in 2012. In the US, approximately 12,000 people were killed in the same year. It seems ironic that an amendment right that was expected to protect lives seems now to be the greatest cause for death and destruction in the US.

Maybe it’s impossible to enact a law that removes guns altogether. Perhaps we are too far down the road for that to happen. If so, then it should be the case that greater controls need to be put in place to ensure a means of protection doesn’t too easily become a means for death.

Why are we selling assault rifles and multiple bullet clips anyway? Last time we checked, a deer or a bear doesn’t carry a weapon so perhaps the hunting odds are unfairly stacked? Why is it possible to buy a handgun without proper background checks in some states? Why aren’t there more controls around gun control for those who have mental illness?

We know this is an emotive subject but we simply can’t understand why gun lobbyists in general can’t see that guns equal violence. What is so wrong with putting the right provisions in place to stop innocent children being slaughtered? Is the right to hold an assault rifle more important than the right to keep our kids safe? And no – good guys carrying guns in our schools is not what stops the bad guys. That’s a senseless act of violence escalation that will ultimately only benefit the business of guns and funeral homes.

With great power comes great responsibility. But I have a dream. We need to work to put in place a framework that makes those people who own a gun respect the power they have. Carrying a gun isn’t the same as carrying a cell phone (although some people like to clip both to their belts as a form of macho status symbol). We have to come together as a nation to work towards a sensible form of violence control that will ultimately benefit the rights of our children. Now that’s real power.

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