“Mommy, why does everyone in our family keep dying?” That’s what my 6 year-old daughter asked me tonight. We just found out that my husband’s aunt passed away early this morning. Last August his mother, my daughter’s “Nana” passed away. It’s difficult to understand death as an adult, but comprehending it as a child is next to impossible.

In her short life my little girl has experienced the passing of seven family members. She has also seen us grieving. In fact, I have actually suffered from depression because I didn’t know how to deal with it all. I’m sure that has had some kind of impact on her.

Tonight I responded by saying, “everyone is not dying, just the ones that have graduated life. They will then move up to the sky to be reunited with other loved ones”. I think I read that in a book! It made sense to me at that moment. I also said that God knew her Nana would be happy to see her sister again. That’s why she had to go to heaven. To that she said, “I think she would be happier to see daddy or I.” I told her she may be right but that it wasn’t time for her and daddy to graduate yet. In her most adorable yet grown up way she said, “It’s a good thing because I just graduated Kindergarten and that is enough graduating for me!”

I may not have the answer for why we die but I know that life is sweet. This was one of the sweet moments. And, while we are still here amongst the living, I think we have to love and cherish those we have with us and keep the ones we have lost in our hearts and prayers.

Tomorrow, I plan on spending time with my loved ones, happily!


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