We’re giving away iPads

We want to do something to help promote children’s literacy.

We want to spread the joy of reading to every child regardless of where they live, their nationality, if they are a boy or a girl, if they are black, brown, white or purple with green spots. We want everyone to be able to share the chance to read.

There is nothing worse than not being able to read and missing out on all the fun that books can bring. So we want to make reading accessible to all and give everyone the chance to escape through a good story.

It’s our duty to provide the framework for our children to learn and for their children to learn in turn. 100 years ago, illiteracy was more pronounced than it is today. Our goal is that in 100 years time, illiteracy is far less pronounced than it is today.

We’re certainly not suggesting that we will eliminate illiteracy within a generation. We just want to give back the opportunity for every child to read. Every child should have that chance, don’t you think?

We are proposing the following Bish Bash Books give back deal and hope you will support us in reaching our iPad donation goals.

When we sell 50,000 books
We will donate a set of iPads to a school

When we sell 100,000 books
We will donate a set of iPads to a school

When we sell 150,000 books
We will donate a set of iPads to a school

Do we have to tell you what happens when we sell 200,000 books?

If you would like to play your part, why not get your copy of Neandersmall and the Egg, our first children’s eBook for the iPhone or iPad, from the iBookstore

We are publishing a new range of early reader children’s eBooks during the fall of 2012. Why don’t you take a look!.

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