Syosset Pool

Going to the pool is one of our favorite things. On a Saturday or a Sunday, if the sun is out and the temperature climbs past 80, you can bet we’ll get the boys in their swimming trunks, pack a sandwich lunch, jump in the car and go to Syosset pool.

For the next few hours we’ll watch the boys play in the water, get soaked by water pistols, and just hang out. The only thing missing at Syosset pool is a cocktail bar, but you can’t have everything.

The boys can’t wait to get into the water. The pool is the most wondrous thing to them. It’s the highlight of their week and to watch them having fun is the highlight of ours.

But while at the pool it’s also fun to watch other parents and see the interaction with their children. And it’s comforting to see that the problems we think we have in isolation are, in reality, experienced by so many others.

How many times have I seen parents get distressed because their children won’t share toys?

How many times have we seen parents get worked up because their child has been mean to another?

How many times have we seen parents go full sprint because their child makes a bid for freedom?

How many times have we seen children crying because they are hungry, or have fallen over, or are tired?

And how many times do we see parents smile with pleasure at something funny their child has said or done. That’s the special part.

C. S. Lewis said “We read to know we are not alone”. Sometimes it’s appropriate to say “I go to the pool to know I’m not alone!” As parents, it’s sometimes good to be reminded that the problems we experience with our own children are experienced by many others just like us. We all share in the same parental anxiety. There’s no need to worry unduly because the problems we face are not unique to one person. We’ve all been there.

And as parents, we’re all simply doing our best to make sure we get through the days as best as we possibly can without driving the kids or ourselves insane!

We have now met quite a few parents just like us at the pool. We talk and we share our kiddie war stories. We also share wet wipes, cookies and the occasional swimming diaper. I’ve seen other parents, like us, forget to bring a change of clothes and have to take their kids home in wet swimming suits. And I’ve also heard some other parents wish for that cocktail bar.

It’s incredibly comforting to see other parents experiencing the same issues we feel we face alone, but it’s also good to see them enjoying being parents and having fun with the kids on their days off.

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