See your great idea for a children’s book become reality

Do you want to see your great idea for a children’s book become a reality? Have you always wanted to be a children’s author? Have your children inspired you to write stories? Are you a children’s illustrator or artist? Do you love making music for children? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then come and be a Bish Bash Books contributor!

Whether you’re an We need you!author, an We need you too!illustrator, a ..and you!musician, or an ..and you too!animator we are looking for the best of the best to create innovative children’s eBooks.

We are actively seeking new and imaginative work that will engage children of all ages so much so they don’t want to put the story down. We want to see children walking around the house with eBooks in their hands. We want to see them trying to eat and read at the same time, we want eBooks to be in their school bags and in their back pockets. We want eBooks stuck to them day and night. If we can achieve that, then together we’ve done a truly remarkable thing.

Let us publish your children’s book

Let us work with you to turn your great ideas into an innovative children’s eBook or storybook app and publish it on your behalf. And then let’s get the children reading, either by themselves or in a group.

The next steps are easy. Send an email to or fill out the form below and:

We can’t publish everything, but we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can to discuss the next steps if your idea hits the mark.

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