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Bish Bash Books is proud to announce the launch of its newest eBook My Special Family to coincide with National Autism Awareness Month. My Special Family was written and illustrated by ten year old Paige Snider and explores what it is like to live with two brothers who have autism. Written as a school project [...]

QED Seal of Approval

Bish Bash Books is very pleased to announce that it has been recently awarded the Quality, Excellence, Design – QED Seal of Approval from Digital Book World. The QED Seal of Approval was given to Neandersmall and the Egg which was also a finalist for best children’s eBook for 2012 at the Publishing Innovation Awards. [...]

Happy Eddy and Teddy

Welcome to the first Bish Bash Books Giveaway! We want to share a little bit of joy with our Giveway. First prize is a $25 gift voucher for either Amazon or Apple. You choose. Second prize is a Bish Bash Books screen cloth. These things are really good to clean mac and cheese or melted [...]

Sandy Hook picture

There are times when the boys drive us crazy. Maybe they are bored and keep asking us “what are we doing now?” when we’re trying to get the housework done. Or they have just rubbed their dirty hands up and down a newly painted wall. Or it takes us half an hour to get their [...]


At Bish Bash Books we pride ourselves as publishers of quality eBooks that entertain, educate and engage. But now we are elated to announce that one of the most prestigious industry groups – Digital Book World – agrees with us! One of our eBooks has been chosen as a finalist at the Publishing Innovation Awards [...]

Happy Eddy and Teddy

There’s nothing better than getting something for free! That’s why we are starting a monthly giveaway. Here’s how it works. Each month we are going to run a competition. You can enter for free. We will let you know what the prizes are for each month’s compeititon. And we will let the winners know once [...]


As we come into the festive season and the most wonderful time of the year, Bish Bash Books is extremely pleased to announce the launch of its new children’s eBook – Boomerang Bear! Eddy thinks he’s too old for his Teddy so he does whatever he can to get rid of him. However, much to [...]


Bish Bash Books is very pleased to announce the latest title to our read aloud children’s eBook collection, Riding on an Elephant by Heather Heyworth. Riding on an Elephant tells the story of a young girl who gets a bird’s eye view of everything there is to see in the jungle while she takes a [...]


It has been a busy nine months for Bish Bash Books! So we thought we take a quick five minutes to give you an update on where we are so far. When we thought up the idea for starting Bish Bash Books back in February of 2012, we weren’t entirely sure where the road would [...]

Turkey Day

As an Englishman in New York, there have been many things I’ve noticed about my adopted home that are very different to where I grew up. Some things are good, some bad, and something’s are just downright strange. One thing that is different is the tradition known as Thanksgiving, AKA, Turkey Day. Don’t get me [...]