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Bish Bash Books is proud to announce the launch of its newest eBook My Special Family to coincide with National Autism Awareness Month.

My Special Family was written and illustrated by ten year old Paige Snider and explores what it is like to live with two brothers who have autism. Written as a school project nearly ten years ago, the book highlights through the eyes of a child how living with autism is different, but in many ways, not that much different to the lives of many families.

Ten years later, the book includes a new afterword that explains how life has changed now that Paige is attending college in Virginia.

National Autism Awareness Month (April) was inspired to help people gain a better understanding of autism and how it affects individuals, families and the community. According to the CDC, autism spectrum disorder now affects approximately 1 in 88 American children. One in every 54 boys and 1 in every 252 girls are diagnosed with autism, a statistic which is now on the rise due to a better understanding of the syndrome by both the medical profession and parents.

“I’m so excited to see My Special Family published by Bish Bash Books” said Paige Snider. “Autism affects many families. Both my brothers have autism and I wanted to show our life as a family that is not that dissimilar to yours.”

Ms. Snider has worked hard to raise awareness of autism and has made a number of documentary films about her brothers and her family life. “Autism is an important subject that we have to continuously talk about in order to ensure better understanding and acceptance”

To learn more about My Special Family click here

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QED Seal of Approval

Bish Bash Books is very pleased to announce that it has been recently awarded the Quality, Excellence, Design – QED Seal of Approval from Digital Book World.

The QED Seal of Approval was given to Neandersmall and the Egg which was also a finalist for best children’s eBook for 2012 at the Publishing Innovation Awards.

The aim of the QED Seal of Approval is to recognize eBooks that provide the highest standards of quality. All recipients of the QED have passed a thorough, independent 13-point quality assurance test across multiple formats and devices.

This is a great achievement for Bish Bash Books. We’ve always aimed to provide quality children’s eBooks that make it fun to learn and helps improve childhood literacy.

During the course of 2013, we intend to publish another 50 children’s eBooks that span all ages and reach across fiction and non-fiction titles. There will be further eBooks that feature Neandersmall and his friends. We will also be releasing some novels in eBook format that will appeal to older children. During March 2013 we will also be releasing our eBooks for Amazon’s Kindle Fire. We will also publish an eBook that explores what it’s like living with Autism during April which is Autism Awareness month.

There’s a lot going on. If you would like to learn more about what we do, please sign up for our Bish Bash Books Newsletter.

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Happy Eddy and Teddy

Welcome to the first Bish Bash Books Giveaway!

We want to share a little bit of joy with our Giveway. First prize is a $25 gift voucher for either Amazon or Apple. You choose. Second prize is a Bish Bash Books screen cloth. These things are really good to clean mac and cheese or melted chocolate off your e-reader! And the third prize is a free copy of our publishing award nominee eBook – Neandersmall and the Egg.

Please enter and good luck.

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Sandy Hook picture

There are times when the boys drive us crazy. Maybe they are bored and keep asking us “what are we doing now?” when we’re trying to get the housework done. Or they have just rubbed their dirty hands up and down a newly painted wall. Or it takes us half an hour to get their shoes on only for them to take them off again as we try to get into the car. There are so many times when a 3 and 4 year old can get you to the brink of frustration and we recognize sometime just how difficult it can be to keep it all together!

However, six weeks after Sandy Hook, we also know there are the parents of 20 children in Connecticut that would love to have their beloved children back in whatever way possible. We simply can’t understand the grief and pain they must be feeling right now. And every time Andrew and Christian drive us to the edge, we quickly remind ourselves of Sandy Hook and give thanks that we have two wonderful boys still to love.

Still now, we simply can’t comprehend the senseless act of Sandy Hook. No one will be able to understand fully why it happened. The problem with pure evil is that it knows no reason and doesn’t care about the consequences of its actions.

But we can’t help but feel that the Sandy Hook tragedy could have been reduced or even averted if the evil man had been denied access to an arsenal of guns and endless ammunition.

We understand the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. And this was a right that made perfect sense in the 18th century when America was an infant country in a state of revolutionary war. But 200 years have passed since then. America is a sophisticated country that leads the world in so many ways. So isn’t it about time for a change around gun control? Where is the war or the circumstances that drive individuals to buy assault rifles or multiple bullet clips for pistols?
The US has the largest number of gun related homicides. In the UK, approximately 35 people were killed with a handgun in 2012. In the US, approximately 12,000 people were killed in the same year. It seems ironic that an amendment right that was expected to protect lives seems now to be the greatest cause for death and destruction in the US.

Maybe it’s impossible to enact a law that removes guns altogether. Perhaps we are too far down the road for that to happen. If so, then it should be the case that greater controls need to be put in place to ensure a means of protection doesn’t too easily become a means for death.

Why are we selling assault rifles and multiple bullet clips anyway? Last time we checked, a deer or a bear doesn’t carry a weapon so perhaps the hunting odds are unfairly stacked? Why is it possible to buy a handgun without proper background checks in some states? Why aren’t there more controls around gun control for those who have mental illness?

We know this is an emotive subject but we simply can’t understand why gun lobbyists in general can’t see that guns equal violence. What is so wrong with putting the right provisions in place to stop innocent children being slaughtered? Is the right to hold an assault rifle more important than the right to keep our kids safe? And no – good guys carrying guns in our schools is not what stops the bad guys. That’s a senseless act of violence escalation that will ultimately only benefit the business of guns and funeral homes.

With great power comes great responsibility. But I have a dream. We need to work to put in place a framework that makes those people who own a gun respect the power they have. Carrying a gun isn’t the same as carrying a cell phone (although some people like to clip both to their belts as a form of macho status symbol). We have to come together as a nation to work towards a sensible form of violence control that will ultimately benefit the rights of our children. Now that’s real power.

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At Bish Bash Books we pride ourselves as publishers of quality eBooks that entertain, educate and engage. But now we are elated to announce that one of the most prestigious industry groups – Digital Book World – agrees with us! One of our eBooks has been chosen as a finalist at the Publishing Innovation Awards (PIA).

Neandersmall and the Egg, one of the first eBooks Bish Bash Books published, has just been shortlisted (one of 5 finalists) for the “Best Children’s eBook” Category for 2012. To see the full list, visit:

The eBook award winners will be announced on January 16th during a special lunch at the Digital Book World Conference and Expo in New York City – The Digital Book World Conference and Expo is one of the biggest eBook events held globally and the mission of the Publishing Innovations Awards (PIAs) is to highlight excellent publishers/authors, encourage new thinking, and improve the reading experience in the digital age.

We are delighted that Neandersmall and the Egg has been so successful. Neandersmall was written and illustrated by Sam Walshaw. Ms. Walshaw has written a number of children’s books including Maisey and the Pirates and the Little Fairies series. Neandersmall and the Egg will be the first in a series to feature the charming Neandersmall and his friends that will be released early 2013.

Wish us luck. Please cross your finger (and toes) for us. Hopefully we will get to read that acceptance speech!

To get your copy of Neandersmall and the Egg, please visit the iBookstore at



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Happy Eddy and Teddy

There’s nothing better than getting something for free!

That’s why we are starting a monthly giveaway.

Here’s how it works. Each month we are going to run a competition. You can enter for free. We will let you know what the prizes are for each month’s compeititon. And we will let the winners know once the giveaway draw has been done.

More details coming soon!!!

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As we come into the festive season and the most wonderful time of the year, Bish Bash Books is extremely pleased to announce the launch of its new children’s eBook – Boomerang Bear!

Eddy thinks he’s too old for his Teddy so he does whatever he can to get rid of him. However, much to his surprise Teddy, like a trusty boomerang, always manages to find his way back to Eddy. Then one day, Eddy comes up with a good plan to get rid of Teddy once and for all and much to Eddy’s dismay, Teddy doesn’t come back. Eddy didn’t realize how much he loved Teddy until he’s gone for good. But the story is happily and magically resolved by the only person who can make dreams come true – Santa!

Boomerang Bear is a book that can be read during any time of the year, but it’s especially relevant during the holidays!

Boomerang Bear was written and illustrated by Stuart Trotter. Stuart has been a children’s illustrator for over 30 years and has been involved with some famous children’s characters.

Stuart has illustrated for Winnie the Pooh (he’s an accredited Disney Artist). He has also illustrated Postman Pat for Hodder and he is currently the official Rupert the Bear illustrator.

Stuart started his own publishing company, Rockpool Children’s Books, in 2006. He has published a number of original children’s books. Bish Bash Books and Rockpool Children’s Books formed a strategic alliance in August 2012 to bring Stuart’s quality books to the world in eBook format. And we are really proud to publish Stuart Trotter’s Boomerang Bear.

So as the holidays begin and the snow softly falls, it’s time to curl up by the fire and enjoy a good book with your little ones.

Boomerang Bear is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini in the iBookstore.

Happy Holidays from the Bish Bash Team!

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Bish Bash Books is very pleased to announce the latest title to our read aloud children’s eBook collection, Riding on an Elephant by Heather Heyworth.

Riding on an Elephant tells the story of a young girl who gets a bird’s eye view of everything there is to see in the jungle while she takes a ride on an elephant. She gets to see colorful chameleons, chirpy monkeys and curly-wurly snakes. Where she is going and the purpose of the little girl’s jungle adventure becomes clear by the end of the eBook!

Riding on an Elephant was written and illustrated by Heather Heyworth. Heather lives and works in a sleepy Suffolk town in England. After graduating from Goldsmiths College with a higher diploma in art and design she went on to illustrate greeting cards, gift wrap, calendars, toy packaging, picture and educational books for many renowned national and international publishers.

Riding on an Elephant is narrated by Matt Marshak. Matt is an accomplished musician who has toured the US. He is also an author and is currently working on a number of titles to be published by Bish Bash Books.

At Bish Bash Books, we are very proud of Riding on an Elephant as we feel it meets our ambition to provide innovative new stories for children that will engage, educate and entertain.

We are slowly growing our collection of quality read aloud eBooks thanks to our alliance with Rockpool Children’s Books and Inkebooks. Two more titles have also been released including Boomerang Bear and What Am I? Asked Butterfly, both written and illustrated by Stuart Trotter who is the Publisher and Creative Director of Rockpool Children’s Books.

You can get your copy of Riding on an Elephant from iBookstore.

Riding on an Elephant will also be the first title we will release for the Kindle Fire and Fire HD. We will let you know when you can also get your copy from Amazon.

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It has been a busy nine months for Bish Bash Books! So we thought we take a quick five minutes to give you an update on where we are so far.

When we thought up the idea for starting Bish Bash Books back in February of 2012, we weren’t entirely sure where the road would take us. We had a great idea that we wanted to publish children’s eBooks but, as with all small businesses, how do you make the great idea a reality?

There are a number of obstacles that you have to overcome. How do you set up the company? How do you get the right type of website and web presence? How do you get the right type of children’s eBooks to sell? Do you have enough funding? How do we get our children’s eBooks into the market?

The last nine months have certainly provided a steep learning curve. While we both have business experience, actually setting up our own business has been quite a challenge. We have certainly learnt that there are plenty of banana skins out there that will slip you up if given a chance. You can get easily distracted with running a business if you don’t stick to the business plan.

To our advantage, we have worked with some great people over the last nine months and we have been thoroughly supported by our family and friends. Our website was built by Charlene Nolasco from and Charlene also developed the Bish Bash Books logo. Our stunning website imagery was created by Ryan Fitzpatrick from As we saw our website slowly come together, our excitement knew no bounds but we fully realized that getting a strong range of quality children’s eBooks to sell was critical to our success.

And then, as if by magic, the right contact was given to us by Grandma Bernie which resulted in us meeting the talented individuals at Inkebooks and Rockpool Children’s Books. We started a strategic alliance that has resulted in our first range of six early reader children’s eBooks – Working with Paul, Stuart, Tim, Sam, and Kathy has been a pleasure and we are already planning more new and original quality eBooks for 2013. We are also thinking of bringing paper copies of our books to market early next year.

As a company, the goals of Bish Bash Books are simple. We believe every child should have the opportunity to read and to enjoy the pleasure of reading. We understand that reading is a crucial life skill and literacy is one of those necessary requirements to improve a child’s chance in life. Reading is fun. Reading is exciting. Reading is something that can be shared by children and parents to create lifelong memories. We saw the smiles that reading a good book put on the faces of our two beautiful boys and we wanted to share that joy wherever and however we could.

And while we strive to set up a successful business, we also want to do what we can to give back and ensure we do our part to support childhood literacy. Over the next few months, we hope to fulfill our commitment to donate a class set of iPads to a worthy school so that those kids get the chance to enjoy the reading experience. For more information about our give back program please visit In the meantime, we are a proud sponsor of an iPad Mini giveaway competition that has been organized by our good friend Melissa Northway. To find out more, and to enter, please see iPad Mini Giveaway.

We are making progress. Slowly but surely we have moved from a few ideas written down on the back of a napkin to now publishing 6 read aloud children’s eBooks through Apple’s iBookstore. Kindle, Nexus and Nook versions are on the way! Neandersmall and Scaredy Cat were recently favorably reviewed and we have been picked up by a few local news agencies that are interested in our business.

Finally, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who is supporting Bish Bash Books (you know who you are!). People are genuinely interested in what we are doing and we have been encouraged and motivated by their reactions. We’ll continue to work hard and hope our children’s eBooks continue to flourish and grow.

If you want to keep in touch with what we do, sign up for our newsletter!

Many thanks,

The Bish Bash Team

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Turkey Day

As an Englishman in New York, there have been many things I’ve noticed about my adopted home that are very different to where I grew up. Some things are good, some bad, and something’s are just downright strange.

One thing that is different is the tradition known as Thanksgiving, AKA, Turkey Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a holiday and a few days to relax with the family so Thanksgiving is just the ticket. But to do it just before the holidays doesn’t seem to make sense. Whose bright idea was that? Surely, it would have made more sense to space these two big events out a bit so that we have time to recover! Thanksgiving around May or October would have been great. Instead we just about put the fine China away, only to get it out again a few days later!

Actually on researching Thanksgiving I found that while it is an American tradition, it has taken some time for it to actually take on its modern form. Honest Abe proclaimed that Thanksgiving would be on the last Thursday of November. Then congress passed a law on December 26, 1941 to ensure that all Americans would celebrate a unified Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. Macy’s started their parade in the 1920s and in 1947 the National Turkey Federation started the Turkey pardoning tradition. This is where the incumbent President picks which of two turkeys gets a pass to live the rest of its days on a farm, while the other goes into the oven at 350 degrees for about 5 hours. Out of all the decisions Obama has to make this year, giving a get out of jail card to a turkey must be an interesting distraction.

The first Thanksgiving is thought to have happened in the fall of 1621 and celebrates the survival of the first colonials who made it to American and the generosity of the Native American’s who helped them to cultivate the land. Without Squanto, life in America as we know it potentially would have been very different.

In 1621, the first Thanksgiving lasted 3 days and people ate chicken, fish, lobster, eggs, cabbage and beans. There would have been celebrations, games were played, songs sung and stories told. Now we eat Turkey, pumpkin pie, cornbread and cream spinach after which we get to fall asleep watching the Football or playing Monopoly. By the sounds of it, not much has changed in the last 400 years.

But no matter how people may celebrate the day, the essence of what it represents is important. Ultimately, it makes sense to have a day where you spend some time to be thankful. And after recent events in the North East because of Superstorm Sandy, we feel more than ever very thankful to still be in one piece when we know that so many others will not be celebrating the holiday this year.

So on Thursday morning, we’ll have some “special” donuts for breakfast, Pop the Turkey in the oven, entertain some friends and family during the day, and give our “special” boys big hugs as often as we can. After all they are the things we are most thankful for!

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