It’s one of those perfect days on Long Island, New York. The temperature is in the mid-80s. There’s low humidity with a slight breeze to keep things fresh and a sky so blue that even the few cotton ball clouds can’t spoil things.

It’s a perfect day to do one of the activities our boys love most of all – visit the Long Island Live Steamers.

Like most children, our boys love anything to do with trains. Train books. Train DVDs. Train songs. Train Toys. It all started with Thomas the Tank Engine but then quickly extended to Chuggington and now they have got into Huff and Puff. If it has a funnel, pistons and a boiler, the boys will do the happy dance!

This train fascination is a part of our everyday life. When we drive through Syosset we will inevitably have to cross the train tracks. The boys get really excited if the crossing start ringing as they know a train will pass by soon. And on a wet day, if there’s not much to do, we’ll take the boys on the train and visit the city. Not to see the city, but for them to enjoy the train trip.

Therefore the Long Island Live Steamers is a special treat. For those of you who don’t know about them, they are a group of train enthusiasts who have created a wonderful miniature train track in Southaven County Park. You can watch the trains or sit on one of the carriages and travel around the extensive track.

As soon as we get out of the car, the “toot, toot” of the train whistle is clearly audible. It takes all the energy we can muster to stop the boys running like crazy through the parking lot to see the trains.

For a small donation you can ride the “tracks”. The lines can be long but it’s worth the wait. As we get closer to getting our turn, the boys get more and more excited. They watch in complete awe and fascination as the miniature steam trains pull in and out of the small station.

Generally we do at least 2 or 3 turns. It takes about 10 minutes to do the two circuits during which time the boys are completely absorbed in the sights and sounds of the steam engines. For a 4 and 3 year old, the Long Island Live Steamers is about as good as it gets and we could be there all day, but they have to sleep at some point!

The Long Island Live Steamers is based out of Southaven County Park. They run the trains for the public every two weeks from 10.30 am in the morning. You have to get there early if you want to make the most of things. Take a look at Long Island Live Steamers for further information. It’s certainly worth checking out.

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