Bish Bash Beginnings

Bish Bash Books was incorporated in New York in January 2012 with the simple vision to provide engaging, educational and entertaining childrens eBooks, storybook apps, podcasts and classic paper books that will get children, wherever in the world they call home, hooked on the simple pleasure of reading.

Our path to creating Bish Bash children’s eBooks

What can we tell you about us? Well, we’re a happily married couple with two small boys.

Mommy is from New York and Daddy is from London. We met while Daddy was helping to start up a business in New York. While working together, we fell in love pretty much instantaneously (although Mommy wouldn’t let on at first). We got married. A year later we had our first little boy – Andrew. Eleven months after that, we had our second little boy – Christian (talk about challenging times)!

From an early age, Mommy started reading books to the boys. Daddy thought she was crazy because a four month old “won’t be able to understand”. But wait a minute, Daddy realized, a four month old does get it. They get the fact they are connecting with their parents through a mutual experience of fun. By simply reading their favorite books in a really silly way our children would belly laugh. And as a parent, that’s about as good as it gets.

We absolutely know that after working all day and then cleaning up the crayons, dolls, building blocks, cars, and odd bits of dinner left on the floor, the hardest thing to do is to find some quiet time to sit down and read with the children.

But we promise you, if you find the time to read with your children, you will soon find it’s worth it. As our boys have grown older, they beg us to read with them. And since we started Bish Bash Books, they really like reading our children’s eBooks on the iPad. It really is a wonderful experience to share with them.

So, with all this in mind, we really wanted to do something fun and meaningful with our lives. We’ve done all kinds of silly things in the past. We’ve painted canal boats in England, picked potatoes on farms, done paper routes, tended bars, waited tables, worked on construction sites cleaning toilets, made pastries for an Italian bakery, developed a medical business, developed CD and internet research products for law firms, and created large software solutions for global investment banks. But it was time for something new. It was time to do something that we both really believed in and will help make a difference.

That’s when the idea of starting our own children’s publishing company came to mind. We could see the pleasure reading brought to our boys and we saw how technology was making the reading experience more interactive. So Bish Bash Books was created with the goal to provide original quality children’s eBooks. Nothing has excited us as much as running our own children’s publishing company and the idea to encourage and help children learn to read in a really fun way.

Our goals